We love partnering with builders, bloggers, and friends within the tiny house community. We encourage you to visit their websites, read their blogs, and see all the amazing things that they do. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate please contact us through our contact page.

Custom Casitas

Custom Casitas’ mission is to provide affordable and suitable tiny homes as permanent single-family living structures. We aim to increase the widespread use of tiny homes as permissible and permanent housing. We wish to bring more communities together and help families grow stronger by developing and building economic and environment-friendly housing options. We manufacture tiny homes that will be built based on excellent standards and certified by 1 or more via ANSI, NFPA, IRC, CRC.  



We love Jenna’s youtube channel and blog at Tiny House Giant Journey. She features inspirational stories on alternative living, downsizing, and traveling the globe. You’ve probably seen her on HGTV, Buzzfeed, the Travel Channel and much more.


Liberation Tiny Homes, based out of Lancaster County, PA is a wonderful team of builders working on keeping tiny houses both affordable and stylish. They also are building quite a few homes for Tiny Estates. Their homes are completed on custom trailers and they offer several great models to choose from.


The Tuttle Shuttle is a Tiny House resource and inspiration website. Ryan has pulled together some of the most frequently asked about topics, some of the more confusing details that aren’t as readily available, as well as some tips and tricks that she has stumbled upon along the way to help you build your future home. 


The Tiny Home Lady

Lindsay Wood, “The Tiny Home Lady” is on a mission to develop 100,000 Tiny Homes as affordable houses in California and across the US. Lindsay has been a Real Estate Investor since 2015 and believes Tiny Homes are a solution to the housing and climate crisis.



Lou and his team at Tiny Mountain Houses offer of variety of affordable custom tiny homes throughout the Western United States. They have offices in Centralia, Washington, Salem Oregon and Roseville, California.


Modern Tiny Living, based out of Columbus, Ohio, is the Midwest’s first fully custom Tiny House Design and Construction company. They offer free consultations for those considering the switch to tiny living. Their work has been featured on HGTV and they attend many tiny house events all over the country.

tiny smart house

Tiny SMART House is a custom tiny house builder out of Albany, Oregon. What does it mean to build a Tiny S.M.A.R.T House? Sustainable construction, Modern efficiency, Affordable luxury, Residential, RV or commercial and Towable anywhere. One of our company’s goals is to help facilitate people to go tiny however works for them, fully licensed and certified to build RV travel trailers, park models, residential homes, prefabricated homes and ADUs. We’re also proud to offer a variety of services (in addition to fully finished tiny houses) depending on our clients’ needs, including plans, design services and construction documents, or a partially finished home such as a shell. Let us help you make your tiny dreams come true!


Tiny House Building

Tiny House Building Company has been featured in various places such as Tiny House Nation, HGTV, and Tiny House Big Living. With so many different models to choose from you’re sure to find one you like. 


Kim and Raul downsized to a Tiny House with their three kids. They sold their 2400 sq. ft. home and 90% of their belongings and bought a tiny house on wheels. You can learn how they organize, save money, and avoid killing each other in less than 400 square feet!

Follow Kim and Raul on Instagram @Nerdsgonetiny


Operation Atlas

Dylan and Amy over at Operation Atlas purchased a shell from Liberation Tiny and created a blog to document their gorgeous custom build. You can also follow their adventures over on Instagram at @Operation_Atlas.


choo choo tiny house

Justin and his family chose tiny living to get away from financial debt like many other tiny house dwellers. He writes a blog, has a youtube channel, training resources, and much more over at

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